AZ Tech is a global supplier of industrial spares for your Operations, Projects, Utilities, Maintenance, Engineering & Inventory 

AZ Tech is a global spare parts supplier, specializing in hard-to-find items, special engineering one-off items as well as commonly used operations consumables and raw materials to Petrochemicals, manufacturing and continuous process industries.
AZ Tech serves clients in North America, Middle East, Asia and Europe, on a regular basis for their industrial needs covering mechanical, electrical, instrumentation spares on individual, bulk and turn-key system basis.

AZ Tech is managed and run by professionals from the industry who are well qualified and experienced individuals. Director has 20 years of engineering management experience in Petrochemicals, Automotive, Semi-Conductor, Polyesters, Polymers and Engineering Sectors. AZ Tech offers Services & Consulting to American, Canadian & Global Corporations.

Please feel free to contact us for your spares needs. Please include detailed specification for your needs.

An AZ Tech Corporation Company in North America

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